From the cascading fjords of Scandinavia to the towering peaks of the Alps and the sombre waterfalls of Turkey, Miles is fascinated how landscapes can change in different atmospheric conditions and will stand for many hours with a tripod to capture the perfect combination of shapes and colours. This selection of landscape images is a small example of Miles’s portfolio that covers the ordinary and the extraordinary.


Animals of all calibres are notoriously elusive when it comes to photographing them in their natural habitat. This is a genre of photography that Miles has been developing his skills in for a few years, and will continue to do so.  Nature photography is a challenging discipline, but when working with animals, respect and awareness are key. If factors such as weather conditions and atmosphere align with the right landscape and animal, a mesmerising photo is just a click of a button away.


Concrete, steel and glass juxtaposed with natural features and people makes up the modern urban landscape. Miles likes to look beyond what is obvious towards the finer details of cities and towns, capturing angles that few observe. This may include looking up and down or waiting patiently for the right combination of elements to emerge into shot. Miles has travelled to a multitude of cities throughout his photographic journey, expanding his portfolio of urban photography with a twist.

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