Fast paced events, from concerts to festivals, happen in the blink of an eye and a moment of musical euphoria. Miles has recently turned his skills to capturing these moments and allowing the experience to live on long after the concert has finished.

Having been hired for local events, examples of which can be seen here, Miles has been able to add his creative flair to this genre of fast paced photography and produce some emotive images for client’s social media and music promotion, and concert advertisement.


Building on his music photography, Miles has expanded his portfolio of portrait photography whilst at University, grasping opportunities to create a portfolio of portraits for various events.  This has involved Miles choosing locations and taking control of the selected scenes by positioning models and props all to his own personal brief of what these images should look like in his mind. A select few images from the portfolio are on display here and highlight the full spectrum from the abstract to the explicit and emotive forms within portraiture.


With a strong history of art studies throughout his educational career, Miles is very familiar with the abstract side of creativity and loves to incorporate it wherever he can into his photography. These photos show Miles's ability to create of a piece of art through photography and are a personal exploration of shape, space and colour. With Miles’s strong design eye coming through in these photographs they represent his core creativity and love for all things abstract.

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